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Wrongful Accusations lead to Wrongful Convictions. 


Ex Riverside County District attorney Rod Pacheco once proudly bragged "any prosecutor can convict the guilty, but it takes a great prosecutor to convict the innocent."  Rod Pacheco would be the first one to tell you he was a "Great Prosecutor".   History combined with the truth proves otherwise.  


In addition to prosecutions fueled by ego, zero moral and/or ethical standards and political agendas.......there are many other failures in our justice system that lead to wrongful convictions.......


Faulty Eyewitness Identifications

Jailhouse Snitches

Bad Lawyering

Sleeping Judges

Junk Science


The rate of wrongful convictions in the United States is estimated to be somewhere between 2% to 10%. That may sound low, but when applied to a prison population of 2.3 million, the numbers become staggering. Can there really be 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away? Those of us who are involved in exoneration work firmly believe so.

Millions of defendants are processed through our courts each year. It’s nearly impossible to determine how many of them are actually innocent once they’ve been convicted. There are few resources for examining the cases and backgrounds of those claiming to be wrongfully convicted.

Once an innocent person is convicted, it is next to impossible to get them out of prison.

There are more innocent people in our jails and prisons today than ever before. The rate of exonerations continues to rise, revealing an unreliable system of criminal justice. A lack of accountability for police and prosecutors, reliance on junk science and mistaken eyewitnesses, and the indigent defense crisis are major contributors to wrongful convictions that have undermined the credibility of our system and ruined the lives of innocent men and women.......and their families.



Most wont care until it happens to them or someone they care about.

We care.  

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