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GET BIT Investigations is licensed and professionally trained in the arts of investigation and surveillance. In California, licensing is mandatory for private investigators in the same way that doctors and lawyers are licensed to practice. Stringent qualifications, intensive training and substantial experience are required to perform these services and to protect the public from those who do not have the experience or qualifications to do the job correctly and legally.

We provide the highest quality of professional criminal and civil investigative services available-PERIOD. GET BIT Investigations uses our earned national reputation and credibility, combined with our training, experience, and ethical passion to succeed, to bring a local and national voice to victims and their families.

When the truth is simply not enough, and you need hard facts and evidence.....


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Luis A. Bolaños

Luis A. Bolaños is the owner and Director of Operations at GET BIT Investigations. 



Luis has over thirty years of law enforcement, investigative and security experience. His national reputation gives him access to the most elite retired and off-duty law enforcement personnel and experts domestically and internationally.


Luis  posses a background in High Profile Homicide, Major Narcotic, Violent Crimes, Sexual Assault and Cold Case Investigations. This includes intense and advanced training in Advanced Surveillance Techniques, Tactical Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Major Event Management, Kidnapping, Extortion, Threat Assessment and Force Protection.


Luis's experience and training has developed into the ability to give a voice to those that need to be heard. Luis had a long and distinguished career working for and with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Riverside County Sheriffs Department and the Riverside County District Attorney's Office.

During Luis’s career with the Riverside County District Attorney's office, Luis was honored with nominations for “Riverside County District Attorney's Investigator of the Year” and “California Latino Investigator of the year.” Luis also received a nomination from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for “Case of the Year” from the California Narcotics Officers Association, and the Riverside County Sheriff's Departments for "Latino Investigator of the year." Luis credits his success to the “strong ethical passion and desire to succeed” he and his teams have demonstrated throughout their careers.

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Robin Sax

Robin Sax

Robin Sax (JD and MSW, Attorney, Legal Compliance, Producer, Mediator and Clinical Therapist).  Robin works with victims of crimes as well as those accused. She has advised victims of sexual assault, harassment and bullying, divorcing couples, and parents who need assistance in determining a co-parenting plan or custody plan, as well as those facing false accusations. Robin works with clients who want to avoid court, those who have cases pending in court, those considering filing a case, as well as people who have administrative hearings, Title IX actions, or DMV hearings. Robin is also often called upon by criminal law and family lawyers to assist in strategizing their cases, to write expert reports, and to testify as an expert witness.

Robin is an in-demand public speaker on topics where family law and criminal law intersect–child sexual assault, family violence, domestic abuse, stalking, Internet abuse.  Robin regularly shares her valuable insight and expertise as a legal analyst for such networks at NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS, analyzing high profile cases and causes.

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Marc Bender

Marc Bender is one of the most well respected and successful investigators in Riverside County law enforcement history.  In the 28 years Marc dedicated to working for the Riverside County Sheriffs Department, he investigated thousands of crimes ranging from street level drug/vice investigations to homicide, Child Abuse, and Sexual assault investigations.  Marc was constantly sought after by his law enforcement peers and colleagues and the Riverside County District Attorneys office for his clarity, insight and sage advice.  Marc's passion for justice combined with his knowledge, experience, strong moral and ethical character is simply outstanding!


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John Powers

John Powers is a seasoned investigator with 30 years of law enforcement experience specializing in death investigations and crime scene reconstruction.  John solved dozens of murders that had long been forgotten and believed to be unsolvable, making numerous arrests and bringing long overdue closures to many victims and their families.  John has been awarded numerous medals and commendations for investigative excellence and was named Detective of the Year in 2010.  In 2012, John was the first person in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s history to be promoted to the highest detective rank of Master Investigator.  After 30 years in public service, John retired in 2016, finishing his law enforcement career as a Sergeant at the Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta, where he supervised 35 jail deputies and 1,100 inmates for over two years.

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Angela Rose

Angela Rose's innovative work on the issue of sexual violence has made her a highly-respected, engaging speaker and expert on sexual assault and violence prevention. She is also widely recognized as an advocate for survivor empowerment. At the age of 17, Angela was abducted at knifepoint outside a suburban Chicago shopping mall. She was assaulted by a repeat sex-offender on parole for murder. After suffering at the hands of her abductor she then suffered at the hands of authorities who – instead of helping her – subjected her to scrutiny, blame, and additional victimization. The anguish of her abduction was immediately magnified by anger and a strong sense of injustice at her treatment by authorities. Angela turned her anger into a positive force for change and worked with her attacker’s previous victims and other concerned community members to help enact Illinois’ Sexually Dangerous Persons Commitment Act in 1998.

In 2002 Angela founded the non-profit organization, Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE), to create education and action surrounding the issues of sexual violence. Today PAVE has chapters in multiple states, trains fraternities and sororities on sexual assault prevention and convened the National Campus Sexual Assault Summit held at Georgetown Law that broadcasted live to over 300 colleges. Angela’s work on college campuses led to an invitation to the White House for the launch of the “It’s On Us” campaign and was asked to serve on the White House Taskforce to Protect Students from Sexual Assault chaired by Vice President Biden.

Angela’s passion of ending sexual violence through prevention education and empowerment has led to several projects and public speaking engagements including the  documentary “Transition to Survivor”,  founder of Men Opposing Sexual Assault, training for professional law enforcement groups, the American Psychological Association and several branches of the United States military. Angela presents annually at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma and personally works with rape survivors from Uganda, and was invited by the former First Lady of France Cecilia Attias to participate in the Women’s Global Dialogue for Action.

Angela’s efforts have been profiled by the Oprah Winfrey Network, Bio Channel, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, CosmoGirl, Girl’s Life magazine, and CNN Headline News profiled her on their “Breakthrough Women” series. Rose authored the book Hope, Healing and Happiness: Going Inward to Transform Your Life. She has been awarded accolades for her work including “Forward Under 40” by her alma mater University of Wisconsin-Madison, “The Inspiration Award” from Today’s Chicago Woman magazine, and the “Promise Award” from the YWCA.


Laura Brand

Laura Brand is a criminologist who has Interviewed over fifty serial killers as part of her work leading the largest collective study of serial offenders ever conducted. She has recently partnered with licensed forensic psychologist Dr. John White to help analyze and publish the groundbreaking findings.

Laura has spent the better part of the last decade inside the nation's most dangerous death row in the nation; San Quentin's death row. During one of her interviews here, Lawrence Bittaker, one of the most sadistic serial killers in American history, revealed to her where two of his missing victims are after staying silent for nearly forty years. Brand has made it her personal mission to recover the two girls' remains and identify all of his other unknown victims. Her work into the case was turned into a true crime documentary "The Toolbox Killer," streaming on Peacock.

Recovering missing victims, identifying john and jane does, as well as helping victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are issues that have become even more near and dear to Brand's heart after her best friend was murdered by her own cousin. Brand’s work with some of the nations most dangerous serial killers has also fueled her fight for justice. Hearing the horrific details first hand from the offenders themselves has not only motivated Brand but has unequivocally sharpened her investigative skills into cases.

Laura's work has been featured in NBC & Fox news, Newsweek, Daily Mail, LAD Bible, The Independent, The Hollywood reporter, Distractify, Our culture magazine, E online and Oxygen. Laura is in the final stages of her first book which documents Brand's tenacious work re-examining the Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris case. She has also partnered with Strong island films for another true crime series in hopes of acquiring funding for victim search and recovery and victim identification from information Brand obtained from three serial killers out of San Quentin's death row. Laura is excited to be part of the team and to help contribute to even more cases with her skillset.


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John Booth

John Booth brings over 35 years of phenomenal law enforcement experience, professionalism, and expertise to our team. He is and has always been a well-respected member of our law enforcement community. John has the unique ability of combining his powerful background with a strong ethical passion for the truth. He has become one of the nations most respected and elite polygraph examiners


When the truth simply is not enough.......

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Christina M. Bolaños

Christina M. Bolaños is an Editor in San Francisco, CA. She had worked for over a decade in post production specializing in tv spot work and online advertisements. Christina has collaborated with GET BIT Investigations to produce crime reenactments and media packages; including support for PAVE, (Promoting Awareness and Victim Empowerment for victims of sexual assault.)

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Dan Rose

Dan Rose brings powerful experience and knowledge to GET BIT Investigations.  He has 33 years in Law Enforcement including 9 years as a field-training officer, 8 years as a narcotics investigator and 10 years as a Sergeant. As a sergeant, Dan commanded a highly successful DEA narcotics task force for over 3 years.



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Erin Myrryn

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Erin Merryn is the author of Stolen Innocence, Living for Today, and An Unimaginable Act all memoirs. Erin earned her Master’s degree in social work from Aurora University in May 2009. After suffering years of sexual abuse and rape as a child she broke her silence and found her mission in life. Erin began a crusade her senior year of high school in 2004 to end the silence and shame around sexual abuse by publishing her childhood diary into a book. She has overcome many obstacles from child abuse, a learning disability, and living daily with epilepsy. In 2010 she became the force behind Erin’s Law. A law that requires public schools to teach children on age appropriate sexual abuse prevention curriculum. She is traveling to each state capital testifying to lawmakers to pass the law. She has made it her mission to pass the law in all 50 states. 

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Gregg Miller

Gregg Miller began his career as a deputy sheriff, assigned to the Patrol Division at the Indio Station. He became a member of the Underwater Search and Recovery Team, senior deputy, field training officer, and was promoted to investigator in 1993.  Initially assigned to the Crimes Against Persons unit at the Lake Elsinore Station, Gregg was transferred into the Special Operations Division in 1994. Gregg was assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit, specializing in traditional organized crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs.  During his tenure in Special Operations, he also worked undercover vice, bookmaking, asset forfeiture, homicide, as well as the Major Narcotics Team (clandestine drug manufacturing and the Marijuana Eradication Team).

In 1997, Gregg was selected to serve on a federal task force.  He became a cross-sworn Special Deputy U.S. Marshal, and assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Inland Empire Task Force on Terrorism.  

In 2002, Gregg was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station.  After a brief assignment as patrol watch commander, Gregg became the supervisor of the Palm Desert Target Team, working street level narcotics and bicycle enforcement.  In 2005, he was assigned to the Detective Bureau and oversaw the investigations of property crimes and crimes against persons. Additionally, he supervised the Elder Abuse Team, Sexual Assault Unit, Sex Registrant Unit, and Internal Affairs/Administrative Investigations. In 2008, Gregg was transferred back to Special Operations and supervised the Central Homicide Unit - East Team.  

Gregg is the recipient of multiple Departmental citations for his outstanding investigative techniques and supervision. Additionally, he holds certificates of recognition from the California State Assembly, California State Senate, and the United States Congress for his outstanding work. Gregg retired honorably in 2012. 


Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is a seasoned and accomplished intelligence professional with award-winning law enforcement experience. He is currently a licensed private investigator in California. He specializes in digital forensics, technical services, and law enforcement training. In addition, he is a Corporate Security Investigator with one of the United States’ largest financial institutions. As a Senior Investigator, he investigates internal and external fraud and provides risk assessments and management on behalf of the Company. Nelson serves as Vice President of the Inland Empire Economic Crimes Investigators Association (IEECIA).

Prior to establishing his own private investigation company, he enjoyed a 20 year career with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in Southern California. Nelson worked many diverse assignments. He planned, coordinated and conducted large scale narcotic investigations. He cultivated and maintained diverse confidential sources, conducted surveillance and submitted applications for search and seizure and arrest warrants in local and federal systems. He provided narcotics expert testimony before federal, state, and local courts. He was also a member of the Emergency Services Team, Riverside County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).


Delaney Henderson

Delaney Henderson’s story made headlines when she was sexually assaulted by two boys with whom she went to high school with. After repeated attacks in school and on social media, Delaney decided to share her experience with the world as she came forward with her story at 17 years old. Delaney was repeatedly bullied and re-traumatized following her sexual assault and was named publicly in a rap song that was published which also threatened her life. Being an unprecedented case and the first of its kind, this rap song made its way to the California Supreme Court of Appeals which overturned the previous judge’s decision to throw out the case claiming freedom of speech, and they also agreed to have this case published because of the importance behind it.

As a GET BIT Investigations Team member and an ambassador of PAVE, Delaney’s story has been featured on a 48 Hours Special Edition Episode on CBS as well as the Television Show, Crime Watch Daily on Broadcast syndication. She was invited to the Sundance International Film Festival to speak on behalf of sexual assault victims across the nation in a documentary on Netflix called Audrie & Daisy, in which her story is also featured in. Delaney graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and aims to spark a change in culture by sharing her powerful story with many young adults, parents and survivors.


Dr. Coby Webb

Dr. Coby Webb was a highly respected Captain for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Coroner and noticed a powerful need for the wellness of her employees. She needed a positive tool to help them throughout the day especially dealing with death and other traumatic incidents. With Coby's background with K9’s and her education focusing on lowering officer’s stressors, she began to implement a phenomenal program and train a therapy dog for the Coroner's Bureau. The program grew where Riverside County Sheriff’s has two full time therapy dogs assigned to their dispatch centers (east and west); however, they can go anywhere needed. Her concept continued to grow where Coby worked with non-profits for service dogs that failed, but would be great therapy dogs. Coby’s dogs are living 24/7 at Santa Ana PD, Chino PD, Ontario PD and Banning PD.

Our goal here at GET BIT Investigations (thru donations and contributions) is to place (C.C.P.T.D.) Coby Certified PAVE Therapy dogs in every station across this nation (at ZERO cost to the 1st responders departments) ....stay tuned for more on that one.

These highly trained “Special” dogs would not only be available 24/7 for 1st responders who have just returned to their stations from a traumatic event, but to anyone who may visit the stations and be in need of the powerful calming effect these beautiful therapeutic dogs can provide……children, victims of sexual assault would truly benefit… among so many others.

Coby is also the Founder of Find’em Scent Safe which is a significant tool to help families be proactive to collect and store their loved one’s scent to help K-9 search teams with an uncontaminated scent article if a loved one is ever missing or lost. Much more to come on this also!

Please help us welcome Dr. Coby Webb!


Joe Hensley

Joe Hensley owns an extensive and successful law enforcement background comprising in over 25 years of investigations as a police officer, detective, and investigator in city, county, and federal jurisdictions. As a specialist in conducting complex criminal investigations in major crimes against persons, Joe is highly skilled in areas of evidence gathering; specifically witness location and interviews, techniques and technologies in crime scene investigation and processing, and in applying sophisticated electronic databases in the course of apprehension and prosecution.

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