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"I have worked with Luis Bolanos over many years on both "sides" and can attest to his intense preparation, his extreme thoroughness, his absolute intelligence, his ability to think outside the box, his dogged persistence, and his unwavering professionalism. Mr. Bolanos is excellent at what he does, and I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of these types of services."

David Greenberg

Attorney at Law at Law Offices of Rod Soda

Former Chief Deputy Riverside County District Attorneys Office


"As a veteran crime journalist, I've had the privilege of working with law enforcement at all levels and with every imaginable agency. I've worked closely with Luis Bolanos on high profile criminal matters--during his time as a respected homicide detective and more recently as a private investigator. Luis is simply stated, exemplary. His dogged determination to solve difficult cases is unparalleled. I've worked with literally thousands of members of law enforcement over 30 years and Luis stands out among the crowd! He's relentless in his pursuit of justice. But what really strikes me is his dedication to the victims of crime and their families. Luis is so incredibly passionate about bringing closure to those who have been horrifically impacted by the scourge of crime. His desire to help victims is what drives him to be the most diligent, tireless investigator. Luis has left an indelible positive impression upon me and I would most definitely want him on my team."

Pat LaLama

Investigative Journalist, Commentator, Producer at Broadcast Journalist


"Passionate, dedicated, and respectful. Happy to call Luis a friend."

Brian Banks

National Football League 

Executive Producer, Author, and a nationally-recognized public speaker


"Mr. Bolanos is a top notch, detail oriented, investigator. His years in law enforcement coupled with his ability to problem solve make him an asset to any team that needs an investigator. He is a consummate professional who is a pleasure to work with. Mr. Bolanos has worked a variety of cases from pre-filing and throughout various stages of the court process as well as on cases that are not in the "system" and are purely advocacy issues.  No matter what the case or the cause, I highly recommend Luis and his team!"

Robin Sax  

JD and MSW, Attorney, Legal Compliance, Producer, Mediator and Clinical Therapist. 


"Luis has volunteered his investigative services for the California Innocence Project for the past nine years. In that time, his work has helped us crack open wrongful conviction cases. In one case, Luis' work assisted us in actually proving a client's innocence. After more than 20 years in prison, we walked the client out and secured a factual finding of innocence. In that case, Luis' work also assisted us in not only freeing the innocent client, but locating the true perpetrators who are now pending trial for murder. If you have a case where you need investigative work, I highly recommend Luis for the job. He is professional, respectful, and creative in his investigative approaches."


"Luis approaches his profession with a determined mindset. He has a strong drive to see to it that investigations are thorough, unbiased with all leads exhausted. He partners with Law Enforcement agencies to seek justice for victims in unsolved cases. He also has no problem bringing substandard investigations to the attention of involved law enforcement agencies. In the end, he is determined to seek the truth, solve cases and bring closure to those seeking answers." 

"I was very fortunate to have had Luis with GET BIT Investigations to work on my daughter's death investigation. He and his team had uncovered extremely important details in her case that was missed by two different law enforcement agencies. His genuine empathy and professionalism is a rare commodity in this field. Thank you Luis and GET BIT Investigations for your hard work and I wish you many more successes in assisting other cases/families.


Sincerely, Kelly Osborn (Mother Seeking Justice 4 Sheena.)"


Kelly Osborn

Mother Seeking Justice at Justice 4 Sheena

"Luis and I managed a federally funded task force resulting in the successful arrest and conviction of the members of a drug cartel. Subsequently, we have collaborated on criminal and civil cases in efforts to exhonerate the innocent and prosecute those responsible for criminal acts. I highly recommend Luis for his honest, integrity and devotion to justice."

Joseph K. Stuart

CFE & Owner of Stuart & Associates



"Mr. Bolaños is the most professional investigator and person I've had the pleasure of working with. I first started working with Mr. Bolaños while I was an investigative reporter at KESQ-TV. He is trustworthy and ethical, two qualities very hard to find. He cares about his clients and puts them first not matter what."

Mike Daniels

Concurrent Enrollment Advisor at Snow College


"I met Luis A. Bolaños while part of a burgeoning investigative reporting unit at KESQ-TV. He displayed earnest passion for the truth, justice, and an understanding of storytelling unlike any other news source I've encountered. His years of law enforcement provided a unique background for someone who would be interviewed over and over again. Despite any negativity he would encounter, his passion for law enforcement and justice was constant. I have a great respect for Luis and his devotion to "fact" and "truth." Regardless of the very logical nature of his profession, he has heart and an understanding I believe is required to perform well."

Anne Marie Petersen

Daybreak News Producer at WFAA-TV

Steve Lange.png

"Luis is the guy to 'go to,' when you need a 'go-to' guy. His experience and wisdom make him a pro's pro. I have worked with Luis in friendly, and not so friendly situations, and he has always proven to be a leader, who never compromises the safety of his team. He gets results - the first time, and every time. I highly recommend Luis for any investigative or legal needs."

Steve Lange 

Senior Executive Producer


"I worked with Luis several times on a few high profile cases while working as an investigative journalist and news anchor. I have the utmost respect for Luis and his work. He has proven himself to be honest, hard working, incredibly smart, and a great investigator. Luis works diligently to uncover the truth and find justice for those who deserve it and I am proud to know him."

"Luis Bolanos is one of the finest people I have ever met! His high standards and integrity are unmatched and I would definitely recommend him for any position he is interested in. Luis is a class act!I have been involved in true crime productions for the television industry for over 13 years. I have worked closely with hundreds of law enforcement professionals. In those thirteen years I have never met a law enforcement professional or private investigator with more integrity, honor, or devotion to finding the truth. than Luis Bolanos and Get Bit Investigations."

Hollywood Heard



"Luis knows law enforcement inside and out, high and low like nobody else. I worked alongside Luis on a series of investigative reports in California, highlighting his direct knowledge of law enforcement tactics and managerial cover ups. He is meticulous in documentation, corroboration and analysis. His efforts resulted in lasting change in Riverside County, California law enforcement management." 


"Luis helped me when I was dealing with a cyberstalker. I tried going through the police department to get it taken care of but they were very unhelpful and incredibly insensitive. Luis and the Get BIT team helped me come up with a plan and told me what to look for when I was dealing with the cyberstalker. Luis listened to everything I had to say, he was easily accessible, and he always called me if there was an update. Because of Luis, I have my life back. I am forever grateful to him and his team. I recommend him to everyone."

Jasmin Enriquez

Administrative and Program Coordinator at Natural High 

Robert Smith.png

"Luis is one of the most dedicated professionals I've spoken with. He is one of the very few people whose passion for justice is as strong as mine."

Robert Smith

Freelance Writer


"Great investigator! Thorough, diligent, and creative. His work played a large part in the exoneration of our client, Horace Roberts, who spent 19 years in prison for a crime someone else committed. Those people are now pending trial. Highly recommend."

-   Alissa Bjerkhoel

     Litigation Coordinator at the California Innocence Project

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.10.24

"Luis Bolanos is one of the finest people I have ever met! His high standards and integrity are unmatched and I would definitely recommend him for any position he is interested in. Luis is a class act!"

Lori Darling  

Broker/Owner Real Estate Associates of the Desert


"I worked with Luis approximately a year ago. His work ethic is to be commended, as well as the fact that he is thoroughly approachable. His results are comprehensible on all levels and achieved the results we looked for as an organization. He is seen as one of the guys by those he is investigating which is integral to building and establishing the trust needed to get the job done.  I highly recommend Luis for any job that calls for dignity, confidentiality, and results."

Dana Barrena 

H.R. Director at Sun City / Human Resources Consultant

"Luis is the most dedicated man I know. He is passionate about every case he takes on. He goes above and beyond to find truth and justice. If you have a case to crack...Luis and his team are the guys to call."

Nicole Dunn  

CEO at Dunn Pellier Media Inc. 


"When I had first been referred to Luis, I wasn't sure what to expect. When I called, I explained my situation to Luis. He heard my concern, understood what I would need to do, and had a well thought out plan ready for me. This is what anyone seeking justice would hope for.  Along with Luis , his knowledge, professionalism and his calm demeanor you will find a real passion. Luis is there to help, wants to help and will do what is needed. Giving us all a voice that we didn't have before. I am incredibly grateful to Luis for all he has done and continues to do. I highly recommend Luis, his skills, knowledge, compassion and understanding."

Douglas Pemberton

"Luis' professional enthusiasm has not only provided for a pleasant experience in representing his business, but his status as a reputable local name has also opened several professional doors. Luis has an admirable charisma for his profession all while maintaining excellent organization skills and a qualified demeanor. Each deadline was reached in a well-planned and highly detailed itinerary made possible by Luis' deep level of communication and involvement. Future business ventures with Luis will be fully and most-earnestly welcomed."

Christina Bolanos

Assistant Editor at Hootenanny

Christina : Headshot.jpg
Naran Reitman.png

"Top notch all the way. Mr. Bolanos is highly professional, discreet, and effective. Great support for any lawyer or other professional that needs investigative services--done right the first time."

Naran Reitman



"Luis Bolanos has my highest respect and admiration as a professional. Luis has a great investigative background and his integrity is above reproach. He is the man for the job."

Matt Costello

Insurance Sale at Desert Empire Insurance Services

"Luis is extremely knowledgeable and offers opinions and advice that are always much appreciated. He professional, personable and organized. He has an entire team of professionals that will ensure all of your investigatory needs are met."

Stephanie Arrache

Attorney at Law Offices of Stephanie M. Arrache


"Luis and I have been friends for over thirty years. We worked together during the course of our careers in the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. In the years since, I have referred cases to him because I believe he is one of the most hard working, ethical and passionate investigators that I know. Luis is not a traditional thinker. He has the innate ability to think outside of establish boundaries while respecting the importance of facts and truthfulness. This is what separates him from others.


I also believe that his varied experiences and wide range of interests have contributed to his many successes. One may not always agree with him, but all respect his work. He is committed to helping others and to the truth. I value his friendship, counsel and commitment to do what is right. He has my respect and highest recommendation." 

- Neil Lingle

   Retired Undersheriff Riverside County Sheriffs Department 


Get Bit Investigations and Luis Bolanos are excellent. Professional, creative and hard working. I heartily recommend them!

-    Mary E. Gilstrap

      Roemer & Harnik LLP Litigation Partner

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.21.29

"My daughter was sexually abused and neglected. We needed a trusted investigator. Luis was recommended and now I know why he is so often recommended. As a parent who was thrusted into a sudden role of protecting a child from those who abused and neglected, you will need trusted and reliable providers. Luis is just that! Don't go anywhere else."

Mike Simpfenderfer

Branch Manager at Golden Empire Mortgage

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Luis on several cases in the past year. As an attorney who handles sensitive matters demanding extra discretion, Luis has proven himself again and again as a phenomenal investigator who can be relied on to deliver top-notch work product, get results, and do it all with an easy-going and friendly manner. I give Luis the highest of recommendations."

Scott Karpf

Deputy District Attorney at Sonoma County District Attorney's Office

Scott Karpf'.jpg

"A trusted and highly skilled investigator, Luis's education and extensive background are indispensable assets in any investigative pursuit. Together with his tenacity and endearing personal qualities, Luis is a professional and an achiever who settles for nothing short of success."

Diane Hensley

Recovery Outreach Support Specialist at FEMA

"Luis (Tito) Is a person of high integrity and is extremely dependable, Would use him anytime."

John Bretz

Owner, Bretz Investigations & Bail Bonds


"I've had the opportunity to work with and observe Luis in the performance of his duties in law enforcement and in the civilian community. I know him to be a diligent investigator, thorough in following leads, meticulous in documentation and maintaining the high standards of integrity and ethics."

Marc Bender

Retired Riverside County Sheriff

Fugitive Recovery Agent at California Surety Investigations LLC


"I've had the opportunity to work with and observe Luis in the performance of his duties in law enforcement and in the civilian community. I know him to be a diligent investigator, thorough in following leads, meticulous in documentation and maintaining the high standards of integrity and ethics."

Marc Bender

Retired Riverside County Sheriff

Fugitive Recovery Agent at California Surety Investigations LLC

"To Whom It May Concern, I have known and worked along side of Luis Balanos for more than 20 years during our Law Enforcement careers and I have always known him to be a man of high moral character, extreme professionalism and unquestioned intregerty. He is task oriented and committed to being the best that he can be. Trustworthy, confidential, honest and didicated are just a few of his traits. A valued friend and solid business man of our community, I take pride in recommending Luis and his company. Respectfully, Walt Madison Vice Preseident of Operations Palm Springs Aerial Tramway."

Walt Madison

Vice President of Operations at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


"I have had the privileged of working with Luis on several cases. His professionalism and investigative skills make him a top rated investigator. Luis has the correct balance of empathy, compassion and drive to solve cases. His work with survivors of sexual assault has proven invaluable and solved cases long forgotten or set aside by police." 

- Jill Dominguez

   President/CEO at Essery


"I have known Luis for over a decade now and can say unequivocally, he is intelligent, diligent, and trustworthy. Anyone in need of the services Luis provides can do no better."


"Luis helped tremendously with the production of my film "Cat City". He helped coordinate and facilitate the filming of a week's worth of shooting at the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino and his knowledge of the business as well as being able to anticipate our needs was especially helpful. He did a fantastic job and look forward to working with him in the future. In fact, he will do consulting for me on a new TV series to be shot in Palm Springs."

Patrick Stack

Producer, Director, Speaker, Presenter and Workshop Facilitator

"Working with Luis was a privilege. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, fair, and beyond dependable. His work ethic is outstanding. Luis is a good man and that's hard to say honestly about anyone these days."

Daniel Thomas

Director of Food and Beverage


"As Director of Security Luis was an absolute delight. He is a dedicated professional, always efficient and well prepared within any situation. Luis is a tremendous asset to any company and is well respected by all colleagues. It would be a pleasure to work with Luis again."

Sandra Alexander

Director of Sales (worked with Luis at Fantasy Springs Resort)

Duane Minard.jpg

"Luis is an extremely talented and well rounded Investigator, whom I have known and worked with for over 16 years. I would certainly entrust him to work the most complex cases with total confidence that he would be successful!! July 6, 2010, Duane was with another company when working with Luis at Riverside County Sheriff's Department"

Duane Minard

Owner of White Feather Investigations


"Luis is a highly skilled investigator and expert in criminal matters. He has high integrity and makes smart decisions."

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