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Joe Hensley

Joseph Hensley owns an extensive and successful law enforcement background comprising in over 25 years of investigations as a police officer, detective, and investigator in city, county, and federal jurisdictions. As a specialist in conducting complex criminal investigations in major crimes against persons, Joe is highly skilled in areas of evidence gathering; specifically witness location and interviews, techniques and technologies in crime scene investigation and processing, and in applying sophisticated electronic databases in the course of apprehension and prosecution. Special assignments entailed serving on multi-agency task forces including narcotics enforcement with the DEA, and special operations teams with the Department of Defense and NCIS. As a specialist in Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Incident Management System (FEMA/NIMS) compliance, Joe has comprehensive experience in implementing a unified approach to incident management for large corporate entities involving command and management structures, preparedness, and resource management. Recently retired as a senior investigator for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, his distinguished background, knowledge, education, judgement and communications skills qualified him to testify as an expert witness in Superior Court. Joe has received multiple commendations throughout his career and have included recognition for outstanding performance issued by the California state legislature and honors as the 2005 Riverside County District Attorney's Office Investigator of the Year.

Special Training and Certifications

  • State of California Dept. of Justice Commission on Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST).
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Post Certification.
  • State of California Dept. of Justice. Certification, Officer-Involved Shooting and Investigations.
  • State of Calif. Dept. of Justice, Advanced Training Center.
  • Dignitary Security & Protection.
  • State of Calif. Dept. of Justice. Certification, Interception of Wire Communications, Electronic Surveillance/Wire Tap.
  • State of Calif. Dept. of Justice, Certification, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.
  • State of Calif. Dept. of Justice, Certification, Processing of Body at Scene, Autopsy.
  • State of Calif. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services. Certification, Crime Scene Collection and Processing of Latent Prints.
  • Los Angeles Police Dept. Metro Division. Certification. High-risk Warrant Service and Entry.
  • Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. Certification, Tactical Communications/Arrest & Control. Calif. State Univ. Long Beach. Certification, Internal Affairs.
  • Calif. Sate Univ. Long Beach. Certification, Field Evidence Technician.
  • Chapman College Criminal Justice Institute. Certification, Criminal Investigations.
  • Golden West College Criminal Justice Training Center. Certification, Investigation and Trial Preparation. Electronic Defense Technology, LLC. Certification, Criminal Justice Training Division. Non-lethal Electronic Immobilization Devices. Riverside County Fire Dept. Certification, Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS).
  • Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. Certification, Driving/Force Option Simulator.
  • Orange County Sheriff's Dept. Certification, Chemical Agent Training.
  • Behavior Analysis Training Institute. Certification, Interview & Interrogation Techniques.
  • U.S. Dept. of the Navy/Dept. of Defense. Certification, Basic Police Academy.
  • U.S. Dept. of the Navy/U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Certification, Emergency Vehicle Operator.
  • Calif. Academy of Defensive Driving. Certification, Advanced Driver Training.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation. Certification, Crime Scene Photography.
  • PMW Associates. Certification, Advanced Criminal Investigation.

Past  Professional  Affiliations

  • State of Calif. District Attorney Investigators Association
  • State of Calif. Child Death Review Council
  • Coachella Valley Desert Investigators Association
  • Riverside County Sheriff's Association

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