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Gregg A. Miller

Summary of Experience

Gregg Miller is an experienced, law enforcement professional, serving as a sworn peace officer with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department from 1986 to 2012.


Gregg began his career as a deputy sheriff, assigned to the Patrol Division at the Indio Station. He became a member of the Underwater Search and Recovery Team, senior deputy, field training officer, and was promoted to investigator in 1993.  Initially assigned to the Crimes Against Persons unit at the Lake Elsinore Station, Gregg was transferred into the Special Operations Division in 1994. Gregg was assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit, specializing in traditional organized crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs.  During his tenure in Special Operations, he also worked undercover vice, bookmaking, asset forfeiture, homicide, as well as the Major Narcotics Team (clandestine drug manufacturing and the Marijuana Eradication Team).

In 1997, Gregg was selected to serve on a federal task force.  He became a cross-sworn Special Deputy U.S. Marshal, and assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Inland Empire Task Force on Terrorism.  

In 2002, Gregg was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station.  After a brief assignment as patrol watch commander, Gregg became the supervisor of the Palm Desert Target Team, working street level narcotics and bicycle enforcement.  In 2005, he was assigned to the Detective Bureau and oversaw the investigations of property crimes and crimes against persons. Additionally, he supervised the Elder Abuse Team, Sexual Assault Unit, Sex Registrant Unit, and Internal Affairs/Administrative Investigations. In 2008, Gregg was transferred back to Special Operations and supervised the Central Homicide Unit - East Team.  

Gregg is the recipient of multiple Departmental citations for his outstanding investigative techniques and supervision. Additionally, he holds certificates of recognition from the California State Assembly, California State Senate, and the United States Congress for his outstanding work. Gregg retired honorably in 2012. 


  • Peace Officer Basic Training - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Traffic Accident Investigation / Radar Operator - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Advanced Officer Training - San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
  • Field Training Officer - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Master SCUBA Diver - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
  • EMS First Aid/C.P.R. - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Street Gangs - Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • National Indian Gaming - San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
  • Organized Crime/Criminal Intelligence - CA Attorney General / D.O.J.
  • International Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - U.S. Department of A.T.F.
  • G.R.E.A.T. Computer Management - Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • International Asian Organized Crime - U.S. Department of A.T.F.
  • Undercover Vice Operations - Los Angeles Police Department
  • Software Piracy and Counterfeiting - Microsoft Corporation
  • Advanced Search Warrant Planning/Scouting/Entry - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • L.E.I.U. Training / Domestic Terrorism - CA Attorney General / D.O.J.
  • L.E.I.U. Gaming Intelligence - Washington State Gambling Commission
  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - S.C.O.M.G.I.A.
  • Specialized Surveillance Equipment & Techniques - CA Attorney General / D.O.J.
  • Post Blast Investigations - U.S. Department of Justice / F.B.I.
  • Asset Forfeiture - CA District Attorney’s Association
  • Narcotics Investigations - CA Attorney General / B.N.E.
  • Clandestine Lab Investigation/Certification - San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
  • Interception of Wire Communications - CA Attorney General / D.O.J.
  • Homicide Investigations - Orange County Sheriff’s Department
  • Interview and Interrogation Techniques - B.A.T.I.
  • Basic Supervisory Course - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Advanced Supervisory Course - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Crowd Management & Civil Disorder - C.P.O.A.
  • Bicycle Patrol - Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Advanced Leadership Training - Staub Leadership Consultants
  • Advanced Internal Affairs - P.M.W. Associates
  • CA Homicide Investigators Association - Oakland Police Department
  • P.O.S.T. Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, Class 228 (2008)

Past  Professional  Affiliations

  • California Gang Investigators Association
  • California Asian Gang Investigators Association
  • Southern California Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association
  • National Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit
  • California Narcotics Officer’s Association
  • California Robbery Investigators Association
  • California Homicide Investigators Association
  • Desert Investigators Association
  • Riverside County Sheriff’s Association
  • Riverside County Law Enforcement Management Unit



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