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Daniel Rose

"Dan" brings powerful experience and knowledge, to GET BIT Investigations which includes 33 years in Law Enforcement including 9 years as a field-training officer, 8 years as a narcotics investigator and 10 years as a Sergeant. As a sergeant, Dan commanded a highly successful DEA narcotics task force for over 3 years.

Dan conducted thousands of preliminary investigations covering everything from simple theft to homicide. These investigations involved crime scene investigation, evidence collection and processing, interviews, interrogations, and significant report writing.

As an investigator, Dan conducted over 6,000 investigations in all aspects of narcotics enforcement from street level users and dealers to Columbian and Mexican cartel investigations. Many of these investigations involved wiretaps, extensive surveillance, use of informants and Federal prosecution.

Dan's investigative experience and success includes the investigation of property crimes, identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, vice, assault and homicide. As a narcotics investigator, Dan wrote hundreds of search warrants, worked undercover and in undercover operations on hundreds of occasions, testified as an "expert" witness on hundreds of occasions in state and federal courts, and participated in almost 1000 high risk warrant service (tactical entries).

As the commander of a multi agency drug task force for 3 years, Dan supervised hundreds of "major" investigations. Dan supervised ten investigators from local, state and federal agencies and during this three-year period. Dan's leadership and experience resulted in the seizer of over 400 million dollars worth of narcotics. Dan's investigations included wiretaps, postal and highway interdiction, undercover operations, extensive surveillance (including aircraft and GPS), and complicated and involved operations all over the country.

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GET BIT Investigations, is licensed and professionally trained in the arts of investigation and surveillance. In California, licensing is mandatory for private investigators in the same way that doctors and lawyers are licensed to practice. Stringent qualifications, intensive training and substantial experience are required to perform these services and to protect the public from those who do not have the experience or qualifications to do the job correctly and legally.

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