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Charles R. Johnson


Court Recognized Narcotics and Gang Expert

Chuck is an incredible asset to the Bolaños Investigtions Team. He worked as a lead detective on a Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force and spearheaded a team that was responsible for gang interdiction.

While working as a Gang Detective, Chuck gained a professional, unique, and valuable working knowledge of researching and investigating through use of the Automated Regional Justice Information system (ARJIS), California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (CLETs), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), California Gangs (CALGANGS), Parole Leads Database, and the California Terrorism Alert Center (CATIC). These sites are accessed and retrieved in a similar way as the Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET) in the military.

Chuck also implemented a system to track all known gang members, drug offenders, high-risk parolees, and sex offenders. This system drastically reduced gang and drug related crimes. He established a network of contact information of all gang officers in Southern California in order to share current gang trends. This also assisted in apprehending gang offenders who live in one city and commit crimes in another.

Chuck developed, implemented, and coordinated a power point presentation on gang awareness that included gang tattoos, clothing, graffiti, and problem areas within the city. This gang awareness was presented to various members of the Hemet Unified School District, local businesses and organizations, and presented to students of psychology 201, Mount San Jacinto Community College. These presentations greatly increased the education and awareness of the local community.

While working as a member of the Crime Suppression Unit, Chuck was responsible for investigating drug related crimes and suppressing street crimes, to include use, sales, and transportation of illegal drugs and prostitution.

Chuck also implemented a system to document individuals who desired to be street level police informants. This system was confidential in nature and allowed members of CSU to work these informants. Developing information from these informants in accordance with established laws and departmental policies. This system helped reduce drug sales, by conducting surveillance, writing search warrants and executing those search warrants. Chuck is a court certified narcotics expert, having testified in numerous drug related cases. He assisted other departments/agencies in undercover operations, by purchasing illegal drugs as an undercover officer.

Chuck earned the privilege of being recognized and respected as a court certified gang expert, having testified in numerous gang related crimes. Chuck was recognized for his hard work, and recently selected as Gang Investigator of the year 2010, for all of Riverside County. Chuck was honored and nominated for a national award given by "America's Most Wanted" for all-star performance.


  • Officer of the Year for 2004
  • Officer of the Year for 2008
  • "America's Most Wanted" for "All-Star Performance"

Professional Training

  • Gang Investigator
  • Gang Awareness Training
  • CALGANGS training 6 hours
  • Law Enforcement 1st Aid Training
  • California Narcotics Officers Conference 24 hours (2009),
  • Search and Seizure
  • ID Theft and methamphetamine
  • Vice Investigations
  • Covert & Surreptitious Training
  • California Narcotics Officers Conference
  • Advanced firearms training & 1911 pistol transition course
  • Ar-15 course
  • California Narcotics Officers Conferences
  • Rolling Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Narcotics Investigation course
  • Advanced Gang Awareness
  • Drug Abuse Recognition
  • Field Training Course
  • SWAT Academy
  • Police Officer Training of Standards (POST)

Professional Licenses and Certificates

  • Commission on Police Officers Standards and Training (POST)
  • Basic Certificate
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Concealed Carry Permit
  • State firearms open carry license

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