GET BIT Investigations Team / Abraham Tokier

Abraham M. Tokier

Summary of Experience

Abraham has over 21-years experience as a law enforcement professional working for two Southern California municipal police departments. He has held the positions of Patrol Officer, K-9 Handler, K-9 Unit Supervisor, Field Training Officer, Crimes Against Persons Detective, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team Member, SWAT Technical Element Team Supervisor, Patrol Sergeant, Bike Patrol Sergeant, Traffic Unit Sergeant, and Patrol Operations Lieutenant.

He has extensive experience in Chemical Weapons Systems, Less than Lethal Systems, Federal and State Grant Writing, Patrol Operations, Traffic Collision Investigation, K-9 and SWAT deployments. He was an eight year member of the department's administrative review Critical Incident Investigations Team responsible for investigating officer involved incidents such as use of force, traffic collisions, and officer involved shootings.

Abraham is known for his attention to detail, and thorough investigative ability.

Education / Awards / Professional Certificates

  • Bachelors Degree in Workforce Education and Curriculum Development from the University of Southern Illinois Carbondale
  • Officer of the Year 1996
  • Chief's Commendation in 2005 for supervisory duties during a major officer involved shooting incident
  • Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce Coachella Valley Outstanding K-9 Team Award
  • Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce Coachella Valley Officer of All Around Excellence
  • California POST Basic Certificate
  • California POST Intermediate Certificate
  • California POST Advance Certificate
  • California POST Supervisory Certificate
  • Numerous other POST approved continuing education courses over his career


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