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Background Checks

Ensure that degrees, credentials and certifications are authentic and current. When the success of your business is at stake, get the facts you need to make the most informed decisions.

Keeping Track of Dollars Makes Sense !

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.09.46 AMIt makes a lot of sense to obtain a fair and accurate financial picture when considering any arrangement where money is at stake. Many friendships, marriages and business partnerships have been destroyed as a result of having been based on misrepresentations. Research the credit viability of a potential business partner—especially if it's a friend. Check your potential partner or spouse to verify claims of wealth. Locate assets in cases where you have received a judgment from a court of law. Research an individual who you are considering a lawsuit against. Determine if their net worth makes a civil suit cost effective. Asset research provides you with the necessary background that verifies good faith and enables you to proceed with more than blind faith. The Bolaños Investigations Team empowers its clients with the facts essential for making all well informed decisions.

What we check for:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Federal Offenses
  • National Sexual Offender Checks
  • Social Security Traces
  • Employment Verification
  • Educational Verification
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Professional License Verification
  • Civil Litigation Check
  • Business and Property Ownership
  • Media Search

Due Diligence

"The verification of all information given by a prospective business associate or company."

Due Diligence investigations are especially critical under the following circumstances:

  • Accepting a new client
  • Completing a merger or acquisition
  • Forming a partnership
  • Finalizing a franchise or a license agreement
  • Establishing overseas relationships • Handling or investing in an initial public offering
  • Hiring new employees


Unfortunately, deception is a common tool used by the unscrupulous in business. Many people misrepresent themselves and their intentions. For example, in order to secure a deal, a company or an individual, may overstate their capabilities, inflate their assets, camouflage their lack of financial stability, or even neglect to reveal bankruptcy, civil or criminal actions.

GET BIT Investigations provides due diligence services intended to provide clients with the facts to increase confidence in decision making. 

GET BIT Investigations is licensed and professionally trained in the arts of investigation and surveillance. In California, licensing is mandatory for private investigators in the same way that doctors and lawyers are licensed to practice. Stringent qualifications, intensive training and substantial experience are required to perform these services and to protect the public from those who do not have the experience or qualifications to do the job correctly and legally.

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