Crime victims and their families turning toward private investigators for help

Clients tell private investigator they "want more" than what law enforcement is doing.
Crime victims and their families are increasingly turning to private investigators to help solve their cases.
What is driving the trend?

A valley P.I. says a number of his new clients are not satisfied with how their cases are being investigated by law enforcement agencies impacted by budget cuts and layoffs.

A Southland man hired a private investigator to help crack a case of sexual abuse involving his daughter.
Mike Simpfenderfer recalled the moment in 2009, when his then 13 year old daughter Taylor told him that someone very close to the family had sexually abused her.
"You feel everything from what did I not do to protect her to how could this happen to my child, you cry inside," said Simpfenderfer. After filing a report with Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives, Simpfenderfer decided to get extra help in seeking justice for his daughter.
He hired valley private investigator Luis Bolanos.

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