Bolaños Investigations Team Get B.I.T. is Proud to See the 2011 Arthur Ashe Award Awarded to Dewey Bozella


2011 Arthur Ashe Award awarded to Dewey Bozella.

On July 6th, 2011, Boxer Dewey Bozella recieved the 2011 Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at ESPN's annual ESPY's Awards. Bozella served 26 years in New York state prison for a murder he did not commit before finally being exonerated. He was convicted on the word of jail house informant testimony even though no physical evidence linked him to the crime. His first conviction was set aside, only for him to be retried and again convicted. Bozella never gave up the fight to establish his innocence and win his freedom.

The Bolaños Investigations Team is a proud contributor to The Innocence Project, which enlisted the New York office of law firm of WilmerHale which took on Bozella's case on a pro bono basis. Bozella's conviction was overturned on October 2009 by Dutchess County Court Judge James T. Rooney and Dewey Bozella left jail a free man.

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